Luxury card to pay up for concierge services

Posted By on September 30, 2017


While I was browsing the web for promising services offered by the concierge, what bugged me the most was payment method! Either it was required to pay up through cash or go for the card payment modes that would charge really high. On digging more information, gold MasterCard was a Eureka for me. The holder of this card is eligible for required concierge services at a discounted price.

Which services can be availed by the card members?

There are consulting firms who serve those clients who hold the cards by offering services. While on my trip abroad, services received included the following:

  • I wanted a gift for my friend on her anniversary and concierge helped me finding one
  • I loved to watch concerts but tickets were sold out, concierge service guy got tickets for me
  • Concierge helped me in translating the travel plan I thought of

The best part of getting VIP concierge services is that it is available round the clock. For luxury card holders, request fulfillment comes to get realized into reality.

The services thus received by VIP concierge includes the following:

  • Travel
  • Ticketing and Events
  • Specialty Services
  • Entertainment
  • Customized & Specialty Requests
  • City Guides

The best part being that these services are available on a 24×7 basis so that you can ask for a concierge whenever required. I was really happy that card members receive the royal gifts too for high-end payment done for concierge and I was one of them.

Receiving gift always is a pleasure and if you are getting it in return for payment then it is truly a royalty. I would recommend getting the cards made and enjoy the benefits on receiving concierge services. Appreciation is well-received by the concierge and their sole purpose is to make sure you are comfortable wherever you are!



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