Types of concierge services

October 31, 2017

As there is a growing demand for concierge services across the world, I thought why not to take up a career in this field. But understanding the services related to this field matters a lot. So check out this guide for more information to understand the duties of vip concierge.


To put this in a plain manner, a concierge is required to perform a set of services which are the need of hour. To make the guests comfortable and to ensure all their daily needs are met, concierge services need to be carried out really well. Services under this segment are far and wide, you can check here for more details.

Concierge services include the following areas:

  • Hospitality, this segment will require you to get dinner reservations for guests booked, directing them to their destinations, getting doctor’s appointment and so on. I on my part would also love to get concert ticket booked for my guests. The most exciting part being booking the tours of clients.
  • Liaison services include enabling receiving of luggage of a client in the hotel. A liaison concierge will serve as a connection between guests and other departments. Hotels have concierge services through which airline tickets are booked for the clients, so everything is being done by the concierge for clients.
  • Personal service is quite a big catch for earning handsome perks. On a foreign trip, personal service to be offered by the concierge includes carrying out daily chores for the clients and acting as a personal shopper.

Payment mode for concierge resorted by clients is through gold mastercard which is an easier and convenient method. Concierge service means you need to meet client requirement to ensure all their needs are met with. As wide range of services is available, you can pick the segment in which you find interest and scope in.


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