The need for the other woman

May 7, 2018

In the old world, tradition mistresses were common, very rich and influential man had a mistress and this tradition is there till date, though now it is not followed by a majority of men it is still in existence. Usually, men who keep a mistress are known to be really powerful and of a high status but as the times have changed a number of normal middle class and working men also keep a mistress irrespective of the fact that they are married.

A mistress is different than a prostitute in a number of ways, but she is not completely different it is just that a mistress indulges in sex with fewer men. So have you ever wondered why a husband does feel the need of keeping a mistress? This is something all the wives should know and be aware of because there are quite a number of reasons for a man to start looking and hooking up with a mistress for BDSM.

Why men keep mistresses?

  • The first reason can be that the husband has stopped getting the love and warmth he requires from his wife. A number of wives stop being nice and start becoming harsh and arrogant with their husbands after a couple of years, which make the men look for that love and warmth in a mistress.
  • Men hate women who keeping nagging all the time, so most of the men who look for a mistress are the ones who are tired of the constant nagging and complaining nature of their wives.
  • After a couple of years, women stop taking care of their looks, which the husbands don’t like. All men like women who look good and make them feel good, so try taking out time for yourself before you husband starts looking for a mistress.

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