Everything You Need To Know About Ejuice

November 9, 2018

Vape juice and ejuice have become a huge and important aspect of vaping all around the world. E-juice, e-liquid and vape juice are three different names of the same thing and hence can be used interchangeably to define the same thing. Vape juice or e-juice is the liquid which is used to create vapors in vaporizers. These liquids are available in a variety of features and with different nicotine levels and also include zero nicotine options. Vape juice or e-juice created with propylene glycol, food flavoring, vegetable glycerin, water and is available with or without nicotine. The food grade flavouring used in ice creams, medicines, vanilla extracts, ketchup,and salad dressings are used in flavouring e-juices.


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How Ejuices Are Prepared?

Vegetable Glycerin and propylene glycol are used in ejuice to help distribute nicotine and flavour throughout the liquid. These ejuices and vape juices are used in creating actual vapor, personal electronic cigarettes, and vaporizers. According to the preferences of people, these liquids can be made without nicotine. The ejuices and vape juices are heated at a temperature of 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in the vaporizer to turn the juices to vapors. Vegetable Glycerin is a thick and sweet vegetable based liquid. Vegetable Glycerin and propylene glycol form 90 per cent of the contents of the ejuices or vape juices whereas food grade and nicotine forms the remaining 10 per cent of the liquid.

The main difference between premium and regular eliquids is that premium e-liquids are safe for human consumption. A regular e-liquid is cheaper but it contains ingredients and chemical which can be harmful for human consumption. Premium e-liquids are a little expensive than regular e-liquids. The main difference between PG and VG ejuices is a PG ejuice produce better throat hit, less than VG e-liquids and has no impact on the flavour.




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