How we recover Council Tax debt

Posted By on March 25, 2019

If you’ve had problems paying your write off council tax debt, received a reminder notice and court summons and haven’t paid, or haven’t completed the internet personal economic statement to agree that a fair payment plan, we will receive a liability order which gives us more forces to recoup your debt, even as set out below.

Benefit deductions

In case you get Universal Credit, Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support or Employment Support, we can ask the Departments for Works & Pensions (DWP) to deduct money from the benefit. We can also ask deductions from the Secured Pension Credit.

Deductions of #3.65 a week will be taken to help clear your arrears. You will be expected to continue to keep your present bill up so long while the deductions for your arrears have been made.

Attachment to earnings

If we’ve got a liability order and also we know your employer, we may serve up to two attachment to earnings orders. These can be transmitted to you along with your company.

The arrangement will tell your company:

How much you owe

How much they have to take from the salary (standard deduction rate)

The minimum amount you still need to take home (protected earnings rate)

We will send them the attachment to earnings booklet that outlines the amounts that will be deducted from your salary, based upon your earnings.

Your employer must obey the order and create deductions from the net earnings as soon as you can, or they could be penalized.

You must tell us if you changes your employment over two weeks of this change or you might be fined.

You may request an attachment to earnings is set up to avoid your debt being routed to an enforcement broker (bailiff) and protect against extra costs being added into your accounts.

You’ll be expected to maintain your existing charge up to date while the deductions for your arrears are being made.

Enforcement agent (bailiff)

If other efforts to accomplish a payment agreement fail, we’ll pass down the debt to our enforcement agents (bailiffs).

An enforcement agent’s action follows three stages which are:

The compliance stage – A price of 75 is charged for each liability sequence we pass into the authorities agent. If you’ve got multiple debts outstanding for which several liability orders have been issued significant costs will be included with the amount you owe.

Enforcement period – a further cost of 235 and 7.5percent of any debt 1,500 is added to the sum you owe once your account proceeds to the enforcement period. A broker will come to your property to take charge of your goods.

Cost or disposal a further of 110 plus yet another 7.5% fee of any debt outstanding above #1,500 is included with the amount your mortgage, along with any purchase or disbursement expenses.

Recovery coverage and code of behavior

The way in that we collect Council Tax is set out in our Recovery and Enforcement Coverage.

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