Taking Care of Your Skin While Travelling

travelskinConstant travel can wreak havoc on your skin. As a traveller, you must be aware of the changes that frequent trips can bring upon your skin. Further, those long road trips not only leave you with a sore bottom, they can also make your skin dull and dry. Thus, it is such a hassle staying fresh, most especially when you have to journey long hours. There is good news, though: experts have said that beauty and travel are not mutually exclusive. So, here are some ways on how to keep your skin healthy while travelling for long hours in your car.


The first and foremost step is to moisturise. Do this the night before you travel. Applying an intense moisturiser will increase the moisture in your skin and hydrate it, thus helping your face pack in more moisture during the long hours of travelling. On the day of your trip, forego the foundation and put on some more moisturiser instead.

Lip Balm

Also, apply some lip balm, or better yet, petroleum jelly to your lips when you travel in order to avoid having chapped or broken lips at the end of your journey. Reapply this at constant intervals during the whole trip. Also, do not underestimate the hydrating power of water. Drink lots of fluid before and while you travel in order to rehydrate your body and skin.

No Make Up

As much as possible, do not apply any make up when you travel. If you really have to, it is better to apply as little as possible. Do not wear mascara or any cream eye shadows, as these have a tendency to smear on your face. Finally, avoid touching your face. This is the best way you can minimise any breakouts on your skin, as touching your face may result in the transfer of various bacteria on your face that can lead to skin problems.


These tablets help maintain moisture and collagen levels in your skin – this is very important for keeping it looking smooth and radiant. If you take Imedeen normally make sure you don’t miss a dose.